image analysis and security lab


iaslab, image analysis and security lab, is a leading government funded research group studying image security impact, image compression, and image enhancement. Currently led by Research Professor Suah Kim of Korea University, we are actively looking for new projects and research members to join our lab. Several patents related to image compression techniques are awarded to our lab, which are useful for cloud services, and can reduce the storage cost by upto 5%. We provide AI and deep learning related automation services, deep image inspection to determine the provenance, and image editing artifact detection to determine forgery.


Reversible enhancement study

This study solves the problem of how to reversibly enhance over and under exposed images. Public image data set is provided here.

SNS image collection study

This study tackles the problem of how do social network services such as Instagram handle our images to reduce the server loads and such. A public image data set is provided here, and it can be used to study the compression effect and image filters used by SNS.

Current members

Suah Kim

Research Professor

Past members

Sio Pui San

Intern: 2020

Website Development & Maintenance, SNS Database Design

Yeji Im

Intern: 2020

Instagram User Analysis, SNS Database Design